Who We Are:

The Southwest Wisconsin Grassland and Stream Conservation Area is a partnership between local, state, federal, non-profit organizations, landowners, and  individual citizens, all working together towards the common goal of sustaining functional grasslands, savannas, and stream habitats.

Why Southwest Wisconsin:

This area of Southwest Wisconsin contains some of the best historic native prairies, wildlife diversity, and compatible land-use practices in the state. It also harbors regionally important populations of grassland birds, which have seen declining numbers in recent decades.

How We Help:

We want to help those landowners that wish to improve their grasslands, savannas and streams. Our partners can provide technical as well as possible financial assistance to landowners looking to take on conservation projects. We also wish to create bonds and networking within the local communities, as an exchange for ideas and information about various land-use practices. Through our partners we are also seeking to establish natural areas that encourage public use and engagement.